Making It Round

The past consists only in your memory; a persisting version of what had happened that stays with you for the rest of your life. Explanations in your consciousness that fits you. It could have been different but it was not. So make something out of it. This is your job: understanding and fertility. It becomes round in its own way. And yes, it could have been different. But it was not. It makes you. And yes, our mind is constantly bending what has really happened: fit it in; make it round.

-186Death_The casual paste of an event consists of all the events that could have influenced it.aif

You’ll Get Along

A Dreamscape.

What happens to us when sleeping is different. Our perception is shut off and everything is coming from within. The images and sounds we are perceiving with our inner eyes and ears follow their own rules. There is no outside, Everything is coming from us. Not inventions but pieces of experiences that have have been recorded into our memory that now are puzzled together again, reflecting the emotional state of the unconscious.
Then we wake up and are not quite sure about what just happened. There is this feeling of a certain something that tells us who we are, what we are too. The one that we don’t know that we know.

-123Beck_To be is to be perceived

Become Who You Are

This is another capture from a live show. The video I am playing with is not an edit that I have to adjust to as a playback tape. Instead it is composed while playing the bass using a foot switch. So I can decide what I want to play to in what moment.
The sound is a bit rough (it’s live, you know) …

And the contens is that of all BeatMe stuff: persons in a situation that shows their limits, moments of deconstruction and construction of their persona.
Borrowed by Gilles Deleuze et al.

ah, and the bass line is, of course, from “Papa was a rolling stone” by the Tempations …

-257CiCiIt’s not a signal that shows that the ego is in danger. It is a signal that the subject is at the verge of emerging.aif
-119Beck_we are made of those cries or laughings and suggestions that make us but that we don’t know
-102[A8]It is the body in constant change, actualizing multiple forces, movements, times and virtualities, the body in becoming
-054[A1c]The Categories of life are precisey the attitudes of the body
-123Beck_To be is to be perceived

From Inner To Utter

So there is something inside of you, that is trying to find its way out … Something waiting for its moment to surface. It is never opportune. So it sits there, waiting, with all its determination. Causing unnecessary fear.
The good new is: you are not the only one. So better start sharing …

Modes of Existence

So you cannot sleep… And yes, it is an awful moment, going back and forth while trying to set the coordinates for your life. The good news is that this condition is a fine starting point for getting closer to what you want to be. Change your life.

“Modes of existence, confrontation of this modes and their relationton to an outside on which both the world and the ego depend.”

“It’s not a signal that shows that the ego is in danger. It is a signal that the subject is at the verge of emerging.aif”

You Hit Me

As a friend said lately: “la unica cosa que nos salva en estos momentos es la proactividad” … and as i still have some problems with this modern talking … I let Bruce do it for me. He is far better with that than I am … I mean: at least he is chinese having a good background on all this Konfuzius stuff …

-079[A10a1]The daily attitude is what puts the before and after into the body time into the body, the body as a revealer of the deadline

(this is not from Konfuzius, of course, but from Gilles Deleuze. but there may be a kind of connection…)

Boy, oh Boy II

The beats do not follow an easy pattern, but provide an atmosphere adequate for the visuals: the cold, the naked, the dark, the suspension. And then see these uncertain, fragile movements of the boys body connecting his own coordinates, again and again.

[edit: remixII, with nicer trails and after I found out that there is a quicktime compression x264 that gives far better results than the apples onboard codec]


051[A1a1]The body is no longer the obstacle that separates thought from itself that which it has to overcome to reach thinking. It is on the contrary the only way to reach the unthought, that is life


About being a better one.

One is constantly imaging being another, better version of oneself. Always reviewing the actual and the possible. All these voices, sounds and images in the head.

Who is the one standing in the way, blocking the view? Who doesn’t want to let go? Where does the real self end  and where is the imagined you beginning? Oh. Not easy to say. Surfaces and territories and something underneath. Sometimes there is a little light shining through, but mostly utter darkness.

And then there is always the bigger idea. You have to believe.

So better be sharp. And have your hair cut from time to time.

And remember:

“The unconsciouness always undermines your rational perceptions and rational choices.”


ouh, I totally forgot to post these two videos: the corner festival with a big support by LaPlataforma

first time with a real public. looks like everybody enjoyed. at least everybody stayed inside the hot little room …

so: thank you for being there & making some noise …