What about you

This is a crucial moment … now … so better be sure to be clean … with your girlfriend … and your mother … able to face what is going on … so that everything is good … now!


-166Death_You might find the problem of ties to slip into an idea in order to resume your buisy life and evade this presentness before falling into it.aif


Come Up Girl

I had the flew during the last week; I used the time I had to rest for thinking some things over and making a new patch for processing the videos based on their sound. It is now the audio [buffer~] object that drives the images. This is great. You can do all sorts of time & pitch manipulations for the sound and still maintaining the relation for the timing of the images. Big fun I have with these …

This one is quite simple, to find out in what direction all of this is heading … But I am going to add the illuminating & beautiful words in the next versions … to not forget about the context about who you are and why is all that as it is …

About being a better one.

One is constantly imaging being another, better version of oneself. Always reviewing the actual and the possible. All these voices, sounds and images in the head.

Who is the one standing in the way, blocking the view? Who doesn’t want to let go? Where does the real self end  and where is the imagined you beginning? Oh. Not easy to say. Surfaces and territories and something underneath. Sometimes there is a little light shining through, but mostly utter darkness.

And then there is always the bigger idea. You have to believe.

So better be sharp. And have your hair cut from time to time.

And remember:

“The unconsciouness always undermines your rational perceptions and rational choices.”


ouh, I totally forgot to post these two videos: the corner festival with a big support by LaPlataforma


first time with a real public. looks like everybody enjoyed. at least everybody stayed inside the hot little room …

so: thank you for being there & making some noise …