Remember waking up at night, not knowing what just happened?
You needed only a moment to reconfigure yourself, to remember all that stories ttelling who you are. Everything seems to be fine again.

But still … there is also a remaining strange feeling. Like a taste at some place of your tongue that you recognize but can’t really describe.
And you are convinced that what you just experienced is more than you know.

You just had a visit form the other you … the one that knows you better than your/self.



Still looking for the other half, that part of yours that has been cut away some time ago by a mysterious force while you have not been paying attention …

You can still remember, you can still feel, that there was something that is not at your side any longer. It is a notion of not being complete anymore. What’s left is only a slow healing wound on one of your sides , a mark on your tissue that stands for the loss …

You can relax now, you can stop crying. It is of no use. It is gone forever. You will never get it back. Just as all the time you spent until this very moment.

But be aware that nothing is lost. Everything continues in the memories which are to come .