Become Who You Are

This is another capture from a live show. The video I am playing with is not an edit that I have to adjust to as a playback tape. Instead it is composed while playing the bass using a foot switch. So I can decide what I want to play to in what moment.
The sound is a bit rough (it’s live, you know) …

And the contens is that of all BeatMe stuff: persons in a situation that shows their limits, moments of deconstruction and construction of their persona.
Borrowed by Gilles Deleuze et al.

ah, and the bass line is, of course, from “Papa was a rolling stone” by the Tempations …

-257CiCiIt’s not a signal that shows that the ego is in danger. It is a signal that the subject is at the verge of emerging.aif
-119Beck_we are made of those cries or laughings and suggestions that make us but that we don’t know
-102[A8]It is the body in constant change, actualizing multiple forces, movements, times and virtualities, the body in becoming
-054[A1c]The Categories of life are precisey the attitudes of the body
-123Beck_To be is to be perceived

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