“Every Demand Is Haunted By A Kind Of Emptiness”

So what is it that drives you? How do you know what you want to do/be/achieve? Where is all that coming from?
Imaginations, lust, desire, fear, terror. All those things that makes you you. All that yesterdays having converged into the tomorrows of this just this moment, that is the ephemeral and eternal now that we are constantly living in, forever changing.

You have to follow your demands, wherever they come from, wherever they may take you. Saying no is not an option – this would leave you with just nothing; leave you with that void you’re so afraid of. You gotta move. Decisions, changes, novelties.
All this for ending up with the same demands again and again. Because you do not know them. Because you cannot get behind them. All you can feel is their impulse.

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