Boy, oh Boy II

The beats do not follow an easy pattern, but provide an atmosphere adequate for the visuals: the cold, the naked, the dark, the suspension. And then see these uncertain, fragile movements of the boys body connecting his own coordinates, again and again.

[edit: remixII, with nicer trails and after I found out that there is a quicktime compression x264 that gives far better results than the apples onboard codec]


051[A1a1]The body is no longer the obstacle that separates thought from itself that which it has to overcome to reach thinking. It is on the contrary the only way to reach the unthought, that is life


About being a better one.

One is constantly imaging being another, better version of oneself. Always reviewing the actual and the possible. All these voices, sounds and images in the head.

Who is the one standing in the way, blocking the view? Who doesn’t want to let go? Where does the real self end  and where is the imagined you beginning? Oh. Not easy to say. Surfaces and territories and something underneath. Sometimes there is a little light shining through, but mostly utter darkness.

And then there is always the bigger idea. You have to believe.

So better be sharp. And have your hair cut from time to time.

And remember:

“The unconsciouness always undermines your rational perceptions and rational choices.”


ouh, I totally forgot to post these two videos: the corner festival with a big support by LaPlataforma

first time with a real public. looks like everybody enjoyed. at least everybody stayed inside the hot little room …

so: thank you for being there & making some noise …

VideoMusic reloaded

I’d  like to do this Blog with the idea of sharing and commenting the creation of  BeatMe, a solo performance with videoprojection, sound and double bass.

I started with the idea of joining images and sounds some time ago, while I was writing my thesis about music videos. Thinking about the relation of music and moving images gave me the idea of bending the codes of composition for visuals and music a little, changing the rules of narratives and repetition and variation a bit,  bringing them closer, making the images dance and give the music a different sense.

You can see some of that on my old webpage

and please read more about the concept on this project in”BeatMe from Behind”.

The videos I am going to post here are not the real thing. BeatMe is a live-show, playing double bass in front of a screen, improvising with the videos. The video/sound is handled with Max/MSP, triggered by a midi-footswitch, giving the control of what is happening while playing.

The texts and spoken words are taken from a somewhat psychoanalytical perspective, talking about the  processes of recognition,  reflection, projection and all that stuff that leads us to the imaginations of ourselves, the others and the world.

So here are the first three pieces:

BeatMe Comp_AA

BeatMe Comp_AB

BeatMe Com_AC